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Neutra Labs PCT ULTRA

PCT Ultra is a complete PCT system to get your hormones back to normal following a heavy Prohormone or anabolic Cycle. 

This PCT has also been deigned by Neutra Labs to give you a powerful compound to utilise as a standalone test booster without breaking the bank! 

As a result Neutra Labs has created an extremely diverse product to be utilised by anyone looking for recovery or just that little edge in training. 

Who can take PCT ULTRA

Anyone can take PCT ULTRA as a standalone product to help bring your hormones back to baseline, or anyone who has just finished a Prohormone or similar Anabolic cycle and needs to ensure they keep their gains off cycle.

We do advise that due to PCT Ultra's affinity to bind and convert estrogen that only men take this product!

How to Take PCT ULTRA

PCT ULTRA can be taken at a dose of 2 capsules daily for 4 weeks.

POST CYCLE this compound allows your hormones to recover and return to normal FASTER, and allow you to keep the all important GAINS whilst keeping the improved sense of wellbeing you gained on cycle and more importantly, keep your performance to the maximum. 

Neutra Labs - PCT Ultra
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