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Multi vitamin & mineral. What is it?

Super Multi Vitamin & Mineral is a Vegan Multi nutrient packed with over 20 ingredients to improve the immune system and improve your health & wellbeing.  
Not only is super multi vitamin & mineral great for the everyday person looking to feel better, it has been formulated for anyone following a plant based diet in mind, Vegans more so than anyone else have a tendency to have lower levels of Iron, Carnitine & B12, these are all found in meat products and are vital for oxygen production and energy levels.
If you are vegan and feeling sluggish this may be the reason why. We have included high amounts of each of these 3 specific ingredients to help you perform at your best!


We have encased our multi vitamin & mineral in a vegetarian capsule, meaning it is suitable for vegans and can be used by anyone looking to increase their vitamin levels. 
Multi vitamin & mineral should be taken at a dose of no more than 1 capsule daily with food to start feeling healthier and better than ever before!

60 & 30 servings per tub

Multivitamin & mineral offers 60 servings & 30 servings per tub at the total price of £15.99 (60 caps) and £8.99 (30 caps)

We believe for the quality of the product, this price is the best on the market!


Complete Transparency

We were the first global brand to have a fully disclosed panel on our products!

We care about our customers' health and nutritional values. No hidden agendas, only pure quality inside and out.

PNI Supplements - Multi Vitamin & Mineral
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