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German pharma’s answer to on-cycle liver protection during any cycle of an anabolic compound is TUDCA + NAC. As a standalone ingredient, TUDCA is an incredibly well-researched ingredient for improving liver health, but with the inclusion of NAC to assist in the process, this all round liver protection is of the highest effectiveness and quality..  

Tudca (tauroursodeoxycholic acid) is a natural compound derived from bile salts which has been scientifically proven to reduce liver enzymes; something that is commonly elevated after a cycle of anabolic compounds that can cause health issues. The problem faced with many prohormones users is the liver damage and strain from the methylated products, which can be easily defended against with the inclusion of TUDCA.

NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) has been included at 500mg, which a this dose has been studied to increase glutathione levels, which in turn helps to keep body cells healthy, in particular that of the liver. One important study done on NAC supplementation concluded that anywhere between 400-800mg daily can improve glutathione levels in red blood cells, acting as a fantastic natural antioxidant, so taking two caps of TUDA+NAC yields even stronger protection and a vast health improvement.


German Pharma’s TUDCA + NAC can be taken as a standalone product to raise the natural vitality of the liver, or used on cycle alongside any methylated compound to ensure optimal liver protection as an on cycle support.


TUDCA + NAC doses start at 1 capsule a day, but if desired 2 capsules may be taken, and are best digested with food.

German Pharma TUDCA & NAC 60 Capsules
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